Tencent Privacy Protection Platform

Technology is deployed for social good and data is put in manageable use

It is Tencent’s lifeline to protect users’ information security and privacy. We strictly adhere to the Tencent Privacy Protection PBD Guideline. P, stands for “Person”, representing users’ privacy as the essence of our protection. B, stands for “Button”, providing “privacy button” (product design) to offer users a reasonable and efficient privacy protection channel. D means “Data”, representing data security, which we provide our users an overall data security protection.

安全可靠 Security Safeguard and Reliance

我们竭尽全力通过合理有效的信息安全技术及管理流程,防止您的信息泄露、损毁、丢失。 We try our best to prevent your information from breach, damage or loss via effective and reasonable information security technology and administrative process.

保护通信秘密 Protection of Communication Secret

我们严格遵照法律法规,保护您的通信秘密,为您提供安全的通信服务。 We will strictly protect your communication secrets in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

自主选择 Choice

我们为您提供便利的信息管理选项,以便您做出合适的选择,管理您的个人信息。 We provide you convenient privacy management options so that you may make proper choices to control or manage your privacy.

合理必要 Reasonableness and Necessity

为了向您和其他用户提供更好的服务,我们仅收集必要的信息。 We will collect necessary data so that we can provide you and other users with better service in order to achieve products' functions.

清晰透明 Transparency

我们努力使用简明易懂的表述,向您介绍隐私政策,以便您清晰地了解我们的信息处理方式。 We endeavor to introduce our privacy policy in an easy and straightforward way and help you better understand our information process practice.

将隐私PBD融入产品设计 Integrate Privacy PBD Principle with Tencent’s Product Designs

我们在产品或服务开发的各个环节,综合法律、产品、设计等多方因素,融入隐私保护的理念,落实腾讯PBD隐私保护方法论。 We take legal, product, design and other elements into considerations of every aspect of our product and service development, to integrate with Privacy PBD Principle, in order to carry out the methodology of Tencent PBD Privacy Protection.


P, stands for “Person”, representing our user-centric work attitude, and it stress on improving the transparency of user data processing. B, stands for “Button”, which represents controlling, by providing convenient information management function, to allow users to control their own personal information. D, stands for “Data”, representing data security, which we provide our users an overall data security protection with comprehensive and effective security techonologies and standard procedures.

我们可能向您发送的信息 Information We May Send to You

信息推送 Push notifications

您在使用我们的服务时,我们可能向您发送电子邮件、短信、资讯或推送通知。 When you use our services, we may send emails, text messages, news or push notifications to you.

您可以按照我们的相关提示,在设备上选择取消订阅。 You may follow the relevant notice to unsubscribe on the device.

与服务有关的公告 Service announcements

我们可能在必要时(例如,因系统维护而暂停某一项服务时)向您发出与服务有关的公告。 We may send you announcements related to service if necessary (for example, the suspension of certain service due to system maintenance).

您可能无法取消这些与服务有关、性质不属于广告的公告。 You may not be able to cancel these non-promotional service-related announcements.

存储信息的地点和期限 Place and Period of Information Retention

存储信息的地点 Where we store information

我们遵守法律法规的规定,将境内收集的用户个人信息存储于境内。 We will store users personal information collected within mainland China within the territory in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

存储信息的期限 Period of information retention

一般而言,我们仅为实现目的所必需的最短时间保留您的个人信息。但在下列情况下,我们有可能因需符合法律要求,更改个人信息的存储时间: In general, we will retain your personal information in the shortest possible time to fulfill the purpose of collection of such information. However, for the following purposes, we may change the retention period for the purposes of compliance:

  • ·

    为遵守适用的法律法规等有关规定; To comply with the relevant laws and regulations;

  • ·

    为遵守法院判决、裁定或其他法律程序的规定; To comply with court decisions, rulings or requirements of other legal procedures;

  • ·

    为遵守相关政府机关或法定授权组织的要求; To comply with the requirements of relevant government agencies or other legally authoritative entities;

  • ·

    我们有理由确信需要遵守法律法规等有关规定; We have reasons to believe that we need to comply with applicable laws and regulations;

  • ·

    为执行相关服务协议或本政策、维护社会公共利益,为保护们的客户、我们或我们的关联公司、其他用户或雇员的人身财产安全或其他合法权益所合理必需的用途。 Reasonable and necessary purposes to implement relevant service agreements or this Privacy Policy, or to protect public interest and to protect personal safety and property and other legitimate rights and interests of our clients, ourselves, our affiliates, our users or employees.

  • 当我们的产品或服务发生停止运营的情形时,我们将采取例如,推送通知、公告等形式通知您,并在合理的期限内删除或匿名化处理您的个人信息。 Should the operation of our products or service terminate, we will inform you in the form of push notifications, announcements, etc., and delete or anonymize your personal information within a reasonable period of time.

    信息安全 Information Security

    我们为您的信息提供相应的安全保障,以防止信息的丢失、不当使用、未经授权访问或披露。 We take security measures to protect your information against loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure.

  • 我们严格遵守法律法规保护用户的通信秘密。 We will strictly protect users communication in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

  • 我们将在合理的安全水平内使用各种安全保护措施以保障信息的安全。 We will work within the reasonable security standards and use a variety of security measures to protect the security of information.

    例如,我们使用加密技术(例如,TLS、SSL)、匿名化处理等手段来保护您的个人信息。 For example, we will use encryption technologies (such as TLS, SSL), anonymization and other means to protect your personal information.

  • 我们建立专门的管理制度、流程和组织确保信息安全。 We have established a specialized management, process and organization system to ensure information security.

    例如,我们严格限制访问信息的人员范围,要求他们遵守保密义务,并进行审查。 For example, we strictly restrict the scope of personnel who can access information, and require them to comply with their confidentiality obligations and conduct audits.

  • 若发生个人信息泄露等安全事件,我们会启动应急预案,阻止安全事件扩大,并以推送通知、公告等形式告知您。 In the event of a breach of security incident of personal information, we will activate emergency response plan to prevent the expansion of such security incident and inform you in the form of push notifications, public announcements and etc.

  • 广告 Advertisements

    我们可能使用您的相关信息,在相关网站、应用及其他渠道向您提供与您更加相关的广告。您可以在关于广告页面中了解更多。 We may use your information to provide you with more relevant advertisements on relevant sites, apps, and other channels. You can learn more at About Our Advertising.

    未成年人保护 Protection of Minors

    我们非常重视对未成年人个人信息的保护。 We attach great importance to the protection of personal information of minors.

  • 根据相关法律法规的规定,若您是18周岁以下的未成年人,在使用腾讯的服务前,应事先取得您的家长或法定监护人的同意。 In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, if you are a minor under 18 years old, you would be required to obtain you parents' or legal guardian's consent prior to using Tencent service.

  • 我们有专门面向14周岁以下的儿童提供的产品或服务、产品或服务中包含专门面向儿童的功能板块,或者需要用户输入生日、年龄信息等能识别用户年龄的产品或服务。



  • 如您对您所监护的儿童的个人信息保护有相关疑问或权利请求时,请通过《儿童隐私保护声明》中的第七部分中披露的联系方式与我们联系。我们会在合理的时间内处理并回复您。

  • 适用范围 Application Scope

    我们的所有服务均适用本政策。 All of our services are subject to this Privacy Policy.

  • 某些服务有其特定的隐私指引/声明,该特定隐私指引/声明更具体地说明我们在该服务中如何处理您的信息。 However, some services have their own specific privacy guidance/statement, such specific privacy guidance/statement describe how we process your information in the service more specifically.

  • 如本政策与特定服务的隐私指引/声明有不一致之处,请以该特定隐私指引声明为准。 If this Privacy Policy is inconsistent with the privacy guidance/statement of a particular service, the privacy policy of that particular service shall prevail.

  • 请您注意,本政策不适用由其他公司或个人提供的服务。 Please note this Privacy Policy is not applicable to services provided by other companies or individuals.

    例如,您通过使用微信帐号登录其他公司或个人提供的服务。 For example, you may log in services provided by other companies or individuals with WeChat account.

  • 您使用该等第三方服务须受其隐私政策(而非本政策)约束,您需要仔细阅读其政策内容。 Your use of such third-party services is subject to the terms and privacy policy of such third-party services (rather than this Privacy Policy), and you need to read their privacy practice carefully.

  • 联系我们 Contact Us

    如您对本政策或其他相关事宜有疑问, Should you have any enquiries in relation to this Privacy Policy or other related matters, please contact us via

    请通过 与我们联系。

    您也可根据我们提供的指引,填写相关资料, In accordance with the provided guidelines, you may also complete the relevant details and send your queries to,


    或寄到如下地址: or post it to the following mailing address:

  • 地址:中国广东省深圳市南山区科技园科技中一路腾讯大厦法务部数据及隐私保护中心(收) Address: Tencent Legal Department- Data & Privacy Centre, Tencent Building, Science and Technology Park Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

  • 邮编:518057 Postcode: 518057

  • 我们将尽快审核所涉问题,并在验证您的用户身份后的十五天内予以回复。 We will review your queries and reply within 15 days after verifying your user identity.

    变更 Changes to Privacy Policy

    我们可能适时修订本政策内容。 We may update and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time,

  • 如该等变更会导致您在本政策项下权利的实质减损,我们将在变更生效前,通过在页面显著位置提示、向您发送电子邮件等方式通知您。 and if such changes result in a substantial impairment of your rights under this Privacy policy, we will notify you by sending you an e-mail and by reminding you at prominent place on the webpage before the changes take effect.

  • 在该种情况下,若您继续使用我们的服务,即表示同意受经修订的政策约束。 Under such circumstances, if you continue to use our services, you will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the updated policy.

  • 其它 Additional Information

    TrueDepth 不会私自记录FaceID等信息。 TrueDepth does not keep information such as FaceID without proper authorization.

  • 在天天P图使用视频拍摄功能,并应用AR变脸特效时,我们会使用TrueDepth APIs,以达到更好的视觉效果。 TrueDepth APIs are used in the video shooting feature of Pitu app, especially when you apply the special effects of AR changing face feature.

  • 在此过程中,仅使用TrueDepth APIs进行场景渲染。 TrueDepth APIs improve the vision effects by conducting image rendering and it is the sole use of TrueDepth APIs.

  • TrueDepth APIs使用不会收集用户Face信息。 The use of TrueDepth APIs does not collect and share any user’s Face informationand does not record any user’s Face information by any means including but not limited to generating any cache memory and uploading data to cloud, etc.

  • TrueDepth APIs使用不会产生任何缓存到文件或上传到云端等其他任何记录用户Face信息的操作。

  • TrueDepth APIs使用不会分享用户Face信息。

  • 过程中不会进行任何缓存到文件或上传到云端等其他任何记录用户Face信息的操作。

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